Clurie Bennis Memorial Clarinet Award

Ms. Clurie Bennis was one of the most influential people in Cleveland, Ohio. During her unique and remarkable life, she was passionately committed to helping people in any way she possibly could. Among some of the most extraordinary virtues that Clurie had possessed, was her infinite love and passion for classical music and arts. What Clurie did for the Cleveland arts Scene was truly remarkable. She had supported numerous arts organizations in the Cleveland area. She was always one of the first-responders when it came to helping arts organizations in the Northeast Ohio.  


Throughout her time in Cleveland, Ms. Bennis hosted many college students, particularly young musicians who attended the Cleveland Institute of Music. Many of the music students who lived at Clurie’s wonderful home on Fairhill Road, had gone on to win coveted positions in major orchestras and educational institutions in the United States and abroad. Several of our Bravissimo Clarinet Faculty members were amongst those fortunate students who could proudly call Ms. Bennis their host-mom. Stanislav Golovin and Emil Khudyev were among some of those lucky CIM students who had the privilege to experience Ms. Bennis’s remarkable hospitality. Her love for life, humility and passion will live on through the ones who were touched by her infinite generosity and humbleness. We are very excited to announce the first Memorial Clarinet Award named after Clurie Bennis. 

The winners of the awards will be announced on Friday, January 8th.