Join Us for 5 days of Online Clarinet Academy Led by 

World-Renowned Faculty Artists

Bravissimo Clarinet Academy is a five-day online festival that is open to clarinetists of all ages. Participants will have daily private lessons, performance classes, masterclasses with world-renowned faculty artists, lectures, workshops, and more. Each participant will have a chance to perform for a minimum of two (2) masterclasses with Anthony McGill, Ricardo Morales, Ayako Oshima, Emil Khudyev, and Stanislav Golovin. In addition, each participant will have a total of two (2) hours of private lessons with Emil Khudyev and Stanislav Golovin (instructions on E-flat and Bass Clarinet are available per participants' requests). All lessons, masterclasses, performance classes, workshops, lectures, presentations,  and the awards ceremony will be live-streamed and recorded for the academy's archives. Due to limited spaces, applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible. Admission decision will be based on the applicants' recording submissions. All the events of the academy (except private lessons) will be available for viewing to anyone with the Bravissimo All-Access Pass.

**All Virtual Events of the Bravissimo Clarinet Academy Will Happen Over Zoom**

Festival Fees

Application Fee: $25 USD - Upon completion of the application form, an email with a PayPal invoice will be sent to each applicant. Incomplete or unpaid applications will not be considered for admission. Application fee is non-refundable.

Tuition: $500 USD - Upon acceptance into the academy, participants will receive a PayPal invoice for the remaining balance of $475 USD.

Tuition Covers: 

  • Participation in a minimum of two (2) masterclasses with Anthony McGill, Ricardo Morales, Ayako Oshima, Emil Khudyev, and Stanislav Golovin

  • Total of two (2) hours of private lessons with Emil Khudyev or Stanislav Golovin (instructions on E-flat and Bass Clarinet are available per participants' requests)

  • Performance opportunities

  • Q&A with faculty artists 

  • Attendance of workshops, lectures and presentations

  • Chance to win various clarinet equipment 

Bravissimo All-Access Pass: $150 USD - All events of the festival (except private lessons) will be available for viewing to anyone with the Bravissimo All-Access Pass. Upon completion of the registration form, an email with a PayPal invoice will be sent to complete a purchase of the Bravissimo All-Access Pass.